Garage Door Opener Installation

Are you tired of raising your garage door manually and locking it with a key. well turns out you could of stopped doing that for more then 20 years. If you need a garage door opener installed called the doctor is really the only call that should come in mind.

estimated price to install opener is;

60$ Service Call

$120-$200 per opener depending which one you purchase

Garage Door Openers

As the doctor always says go to the specialist when ever possible. if you need a garage door opener, we sell our own and they are the highest quality. Every opener provided by the Doctor comes with not one but 2 remotes for the car as well as a keypad for outside the doors. Also are openers are Belt and not chain to ensure the door makes no noise. estimated price to install opener is;

$60 Service Call

$350 for Opener

$150 Instalation


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